Division III: Photography

Please carefully read and follow the MFAH Rules, GCA Rules, General Information, Division Guidelines, and Timetable for Exhibitors.

1. This is a juried show. Advance registration including image is required.

2. An exhibitor is permitted only one entry per class, but may enter two classes.

3. All photographs are to be submitted at flohouston.wpengine.com in JPEG format, 1–5 MB in the RGB colorspace, between December 17, 2018, and January 31, 2019, for all entrants. Each photographic file name should include the entrant’s last name, first initial and class number, (e.g. SmithJClass5.jpeg).

4. By online date and time stamp of receipt, the first 18 digital photographs per class, received with correct specifications, will be submitted to the juried panel of photography judges. From these, 6 finalists per class will be selected. The finalists and non-finalists will be notified by February 22, 2019.

5. A printed photograph previously entered in a GCA, GCA Major, or Sanctioned Non-GCA Major Flower Show may not be entered again, even with slight alterations and reprinting. The same photograph may only be entered for consideration in one show at a time.

6. Each photograph must be the work of the exhibitor under whose name it is registered. In manipulated photographs, any added imagery must be the work of the exhibitor. Commercial overlays and textures are allowed. Matting, mounting and printing may be done professionally. All photographs must be two-dimensional and printed on paper unless otherwise specified. All post-production must be done before the photograph
is printed.

7. Any editing at any stage must be the work of the exhibitor. This includes enhancement for color clarity, removal of part of the image, combining images, or distorting the original image.

8. Photography entries are limited to subjects consistent with GCA interests such as horticulture, floral design, gardens/landscapes, conservation and the environment, historic preservation, civic improvement, and the natural world. Plant material is not required in every class, but is strongly encouraged in photographs.

9. Photographs must be mounted on black foam core cut to the exact size of the image (flush mounting) with no over-matting, The size of the overall perimeter must be a minimum of 50” and not exceed 72”, with the exception of Class 7. The surface finish is the choice of the exhibitor. Glass, matting, and framing are not permitted. Gallery wall color is Benjamin Moore 1550 Cumulus Cloud.

10. Photography entry forms may be found online at flohouston.wpengine.com. Two copies are to be submitted with each finished photograph and must include the exhibitor’s name, garden club, zone, email address, physical address, phone number and class entered. One entry form is to be attached to the back of the photograph. The top of the photograph must be indicated. A duplicate loose copy of the entry form must accompany the entry (allowing the statement of intent and other information to be accessible after the entry is installed). Identification of plant material on the entry form is not required for all classes, but encouraged whenever possible.

11. An optional title or brief statement of intent may be included on the entry form and must be no more than 25 words.

12. Finalist’s printed photographs must be received by March into the Florescence competition.

Send photographs to:

Betty Davis, 5 Lana Lane, Houston, TX 77027
Receipt of photograph will be acknowledged. For information, contact Nancy Keely: nancydaviskeely@mac.com, 713-850-8357

13. If forced to withdraw, an exhibitor must notify the Registration Chairs and Division Chairs, who will then invite the next highest ranked entry in that class.

14. All photographs will be passed upon receipt by the Photography Committee; to verify that class specifications have been met, with a final passing date of March 15, 2019. If a photograph is not passed, the exhibitor will be notified and allowed, if time permits, to send a replacement photograph.

15. An exhibitor may not change classes after registering.

16. The Committee may reclassify an entry, but only with the permission of the exhibitor. The Committee and/or the Judges may subdivide a class.

17. Only appropriate images of a child or children should be submitted to, passed, and exhibited in Photography Divisions and published in Focus.

18. Although discouraged, if a photograph is to be returned, the exhibitor must provide a self-addressed return label and envelope. Any award received will be noted on the back of the mount before it is returned. GCA recommends using two 15” X 19” bubble wrap envelopes. Smaller envelopes do not allow images to be inserted and removed easily. Please do not use boxes. No boxes shipped will be saved for the return, only envelopes. Wrap your mounted or matted image between two suitable pieces of foam core or non-bendable cardboard, which will be reused for return. Florescence is not responsible for any missing packing materials or damage to photograph. Place wrapped image and folded self-addressed return envelope inside the mailing envelope. POSTAGE: Please include a $15 check, (payable to Florescence) to cover return postage and handling. Please do not enclose stamps, UPS labels, or postage-meter strips. If a return envelope and check are not included, it will be assumed that the image will not be returned.

19. Photographs must be removed by MFAH personnel and will be available for pick-up on Thursday, April 18, 2019, for in-town exhibitors at 3134 Newcastle, Houston, TX 77027. All finalists will be notified of the results of the judging, via email, by April 20, 2019.

20. The scale of points by which the classes are to be judged:

For judging Creative Techniques classes:

  • Creativity – 30
  • Composition – 20
  • Technical Skill -25
  • Conformance/Interpretation – 10
  • Distinction – 15
  • Total – 100

For judging all other Photography classes:

  • Creativity – 25
  • Composition – 25
  • Technical Skill – 20
  • Conformance/Interpretation – 20
  • Distinction – 10
  • Total – 100


By e-mail at any time. By telephone weekdays, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Central Time.

Nancy Keelynancydaviskeely@mac.com, 713-201-6281

Carol Junellcarol@junell.cc, 713-614-9093