Division V: Education

Please carefully read and follow the GCA Rules, Museum Rules, General Information, and Timetable for Exhibitors.

  1. The purpose of the Education Division classes is to provide opportunities for multidisciplinary entries to educate the members and the public.
  2. All designs must be executed at the show; complex components requiring extensive time for construction may be prefabricated and assembled during the allowed installation time at the show.
  3. Anything not prohibited in the GCA Rules, Education Division Guidelines, or individual class descriptions is permitted.
  4. The committee will water the exhibits if instructed to do so in writing. Notify the division chairman at time of entry with written instructions for watering.
  5. The scale of points which the exhibit and educational component will be judged are:

Education Exhibits Scale of Points

  • Educational value: 60
  • Staging: 20
  • Creativity and distinction: 20
  • Total: 100

Educational Component(s) Scale of Points

  • Educational value: 50
  • Concept: 30
  • Execution of concept: 20
  • Total: 100