Division I: Floral Design

Please carefully read and follow the GCA Rules, Museum Rules, General Information, and Timetable for Exhibitors.

  1. An exhibitor is permitted only one entry per class but may enter more than one class. The exhibitor(s) under whose name(s) the entry has been registered must create and complete the design. All participants must be listed. Only listed exhibitors and show personnel may be on the show floor at the time of entry.
  2. No more than two exhibitors may execute a floral design unless otherwise stated in the schedule.
  3. If forced to withdraw, an exhibitor must notify the Registration Chairs and class consultant and find a substitute unless there is a waiting list for the class.
  4. Mechanics should not be visible unless they are an integral part of the design.
  5. All designs must be executed at the show; complex components requiring extensive time for construction may be prefabricated and assembled during the allowed installation time at the show.
  6. All entries must include fresh and/or dried plant material. Fresh plant material must be in water or conditioned in such a way as to remain in pristine form while on exhibition. Rooted plant material is allowed provided no soil is attached. An entry not maintained in show condition may have its award removed.
  7. Anything not prohibited in the MFAH rules, GCA Rules, Floral Design Division Guidelines, or individual class descriptions is permitted.
  8. Cut fruits and vegetables are not permitted. Food of any kind is not permitted. Neither fur nor hair, shells, or bones, are permitted.
  9. Judging will be based on the principles of design: balance, contrast, dominance, proportion, rhythm, and scale; and the elements of design: light, space, line, form, color, texture, pattern, and size. Creativity is important, as are distinction, conformance to, and interpretation of the class and schedule. For the scale of points for Floral Design, please refer to the GCA Flower Show and Judging Guide Chapter V, Section IX or follow the link at flohouston.org.
  10. Accessories are permitted, unless otherwise stated in the class description.
  11. Pedestals may not be moved. Tops of pedestals may not be enlarged or draped. Floral designs have no height restrictions unless specified.
  12. Registration is open Tuesday, September 20, 2022, through Monday, January 30, 2023, online at flohouston.org. For questions regarding registration, please contact the Registration Chairs.
  13. Color reproductions of works of art, where applicable, will be online at flohouston.org. It is possible the colors will not match the actual colors of the piece of art perfectly and the Judges will be made aware of this.
  14. Museum collections are subject to change. If this occurs, the Floral Design Committee will notify exhibitors as soon as possible.
  15. A plant list with the botanical and common names along with a mandatory statement of intent, of no more than 25 words, should be entered using the entry form online at flohouston.org by Monday, April 10, 2023. Changes may be made at the show.
  16. Challenge Class 4 is open only to individual out-of-town GCA members of the Judging Program, at any level, and the required fee of $95 must be paid at the time of registration at flohouston.org.
  17. All entries must be removed on Friday, April 28, 2023, between 8:00–10:00 a.m. An out-of-town exhibitor’s entry may be returned by a shipping service for an additional fee. Please go to flohouston.org for additional information.

Questions regarding class requirements may be directed to the class consultant and/or Division Chairs.

scale of points (Except class 3)

  • Interpretive design: 35
  • Distinction: 20
  • Interpretation: 20
  • Color harmony: 15
  • Conformance: 10
  • Total: 100